Sofa Dry Cleaning:

Decorating your house with luxury items is easy but maintaining it for a long time needs complete care and patience. Sitting arrangement or sofa is the heart of your drawing room and maintaining the hygiene of this useful and luxury item is mandatory. Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep it great and improve life quality. We provide Sofa Dry Cleaning services in India.

KI Services is a leading agency that delivers the doorstep service of sofa dry cleaning at an affordable price. Our flexible packages are suitable for everyone. With our latest cleaning techniques and tools, we have been able to serve you with astonishing dry cleaning services.

Our services include:

With the myriad of services in our catalog, we are recognized as the trusted names for sofa dry-cleaning. Our profession and skilled dry-cleaners are trained to deal with every situation. So, don’t panic relax and enjoy our amazing services-

  • Sofa vacuuming
  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry vacuum and cleaning
  • Sofa dry cleaning

We are the best sofa dry cleaners in Delhi, NCR and after ruling the heart of Delhiites we are successfully operating our service centers in the whole country.

Our Sofa Dry Cleaning Process:

Sofa dry cleaning process practiced by KI Services is the most convenient. We will not disturb your routine and will serve you with the best and disturbance-free services. Our systematic and well-planned process of cleaning is our strength. Our experts will arrive at your doorstep and perform the task without creating any nuisance or hindrance in your daily tasks.

  • Vacuum: In this busy life it is not possible to clean your house regularly and this irregularity makes your sofa the dirtiest part of your house. Yes, that’s true hidden germs and dust can make your sofa the dirtiest thing in your house. Thus, we use a vacuum to remove or suck out dust and dirt from every single corner of your sofa. Our high power vacuum cleaner easily pulls out even tough dirt from the sofa.
  • Injection: After vacuuming perfectly we will inject cleaning agents directly on trapped grime and dirt to dissolve those areas. These cleaning agents are safe for sofa fabric and will not create a foul smell in the environment.
  • Extraction: After this dirt and residue will be extracted from your sofa and will be left in the semi-dry state.

The whole process is done by our expert and professional dry cleaners in no time and will give the miraculous result. You can easily spot the change we have bought for your luxury piece of furniture. If you are searching for Sofa dry cleaning services near me than contact us.

Why Us?

KI Services is known for its skilled and professional servicemen. With our incredible range of services, we will convert your sofa sets in better condition. Our services are designed specially to satisfy customers and fulfill all their sofa cleaning needs. We are specialized in all type of cleaning

Following are a few reasons that make us king of the dry-cleaning industry-

  • Professional and Well-Trained Staff
  • On-time service
  • Protection against Damage is provided on every booking
  • Mechanized Cleaning with the latest Equipment.